Getting Started

The Revitron UI extension requires the Revitron library to be installed as well as a pyRevit extension. It is possible to install both extensions manually or as a bundle together with a fork of pyRevit. Generally it is recommendend to install the bundled version as described below.


The bundle installer uses Git to manage dependencies. Please make sure that Git is installed properly on your system before installing Revitron.

Bundle Installer

To install the full bundle including pyRevit, Revitron and the Revitron UI, follow the instructions below:

  1. In case Git is not already installed — download and install Git.

  2. Right-click here to download the installer. Make sure it keeps the .bat extension.

  3. Move the install.bat to the directory, where you want to install pyRevit.

  4. Double-click the install.bat file.

  5. Start Revit.

Manual Installation

The single library and UI packages can be installed using the pyRevit CLI as follows:

pyrevit extend lib revitron
pyrevit extend ui revitron

Alternatively the packages can also just be cloned with Git as follows:

cd C:[\path\to\pyrevit]\extensions
git clone revitron.lib
git clone revitron-ui.extension